Every year, 8 millions tons of plastic are dumped in the oceans. Where does the majority of that plastic come from? From fishing material, mostly nets let adrift. These may represent up to 10% of the total marine waste.

They are called "ghost nets". The problem? When they are not picked up, they destroy marine ecosystems: strangled turtles, fishes or marine birds all trapped in those ghost nets... A plague that endangers species, sometimes up to extinction point, like the vaquita of the Gulf of Mexico, with 320 individuals left.


  • The law

There are ways to fight against this issue: for example strenghten the law, so that getting rid of an used fishing net in the sea, costs more to a fisherman than recycling it.

  • Waste recovery and recycling

Another solution, is to recover those ghost nets in the sea: there are often associations, like Healthy Seas, which works with our fabrics supplier for our swimwear. With the help of volunteer divers, and fishermans, they organise big collects. Once recovered, those nets, very often made of nylon threads, can be regenerated into new nylon and get a second life ! In 2020, Healthy Seas recovered 75.000kgs of fishing nets.
Yes, our swimwear is partly made of fishing nets !

  • Education

Finally, the last solution, which goes hand in hand with the previous ones: education. Healthy Seas offers school interventions, to educate new generations and raise awareness to plastic pollution.

Image: https://blog.sinplastico.com/

April 16, 2021 — Orlanne Crauet


1011-art said:

Ma solution ? Dessiner ! En lien avec votre article, plasticienne, j’ai réalisé une série sur la pollution des océans conçue à partir de photographies de particules de plastiques trouvées sur des plages aux quatre coins du monde !
Mais aussi réalisée pour le Muséum d’histoire naturelle de Grenoble « Anthropocène » : https://1011-art.blogspot.com/p/planche-encyclopedie.html

Julie said:

Super article ! Merci d’expliquer votre démarche et pourquoi elle est nécessaire, j’ai hâte de recevoir mon maillot :)

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