Ethical and aesthetical French brand
Les maillots qui nettoient les océans

"Le Bain" 100% sustainable

Les Alcyonides Swimwear is a French swimwear brand whose mission is to reconcile ethics & aesthetics. 100% of our sustainable swimwear is made from fishing nets that we recover in the sea and recycle. Our fabrics are all OEKO TEX 100 certified. Designed in France and produced locally in Italy, they travel less than 400km from the fabric-making, to our warehouse (it is about 100x less than regular clothing).

We design our models ourselves, to offer you timeless, elegant and vitamin-packed pieces, in short: UNIQUE, as you are!

We make pretty and eco-friendly swimwear.

What our clients think
What our clients think
The quality of the swimsuit is incredible, it is very comfortable. Your brand's approach is great and the product finish is amazing !
— Louise
What our clients think
The swimsuit is absolutely gorgeous ! Very nice fabric and the colours are beautiful !
— Mathilde
What our clients think
A crush ❤️ Gorgeous swimsuit with a great cut. And more than anything... it is super confortable. A big hit!
— Juline

Ciao Italia

Premium and sustainable fabrics. Elegant and timeless swimwear.

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