Our values


1. Sustainable fashion

Our swimwear is in recycled fiber (nylon), we reuse the waste rejected by other industries (such as old fishing nets recovered at sea) to make our fabrics in a circular economy logic. Our fabrics are of high quality, resistant to chlorine, sunscreens, anti UV ... For a swimsuit that you wear summer, after summer ... after summer!

2. At fair prices

We offer fair prices all year round (48 € for t-shirts and between 80 and 100 € for swimwear) to help you be eco-responsible, without breaking the bank! You don't pay for the beautiful pictures on our Instagram, we put the product at the heart of our approach, not overpriced marketing campaigns.

3. Locally produced

Our swimwear and t-shirts are produced in Italy, between Venice and Milan. First of all because we want to showcase local know-how, then because we have at heart to minimize our carbon footprint.

4. Without retouching on its visuals

Our photos are little or not retouched, because we believe in real bodies and real skin, with their small imperfections that make them unique, like us !