Our values

So if you are here, that means you are checking that we truly are who we say we are, aka a sustainable fashion brand :) Congrats, conscious-buying is what we preach at Les Alcyonides !


We select with extra care our fabrics at our Italian suppliers. All our swimwear is made from recycled nylon, coming from fishing nets recovered in the sea, to limit to the maximum our carbon footprint.

Our tee-shirts are all made in 100% organic cotton. Organic cotton is cultivated without any pesticide.

All our fabrics are certified OEKO-TEX 100 - guaranteeing the absence of toxic substances, for human beings, and our planet.

Swimwear made in fishing net?!


Creating eco-friendly swimwear, without sacrifying fabric technicality: this is our brand mission at Les Alcyonides.

Swimwear is a technical product, wethere you wear it at the pool or the beach, and it needs to provide all technical gear qualities. The premium Italian fabrics we use are clorine resistant, anti UV, sun creams resistant...

For a sustainable swimsuit you wear summer, after summer... after summer ! 🌞

My recycled 👙


Let's be honest: using recycled (for our swimwear) or organic (for our tee-shirts) fabrics and producing locally, it is more expensive.

Wanting to make sustainable fashion more accessible, we reduce our margins to offer you the best quality, at a fair price, all year long.

When you buy an eco-friendly swimsuit Les Alcyonides, here is what is behind our sale price :)

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Our pictures are not retouched, because we believe in real bodies and real skins, making them unique, like us!