A word from the founder ✍️

After a few years spent as an expatriate in London, working in the fashion industry, I was confronted "on the ground" with its harsh reality: fast-fashion, overproduction, excessive consumption of water and pesticides...

No longer aligned with the values of the company I worked for, I wanted to create clothes by being part of the solution and not part of the problem!

From there was born Les Alcyonides Swimwear at the end of 2020. I design all the models myself, wishing to reconcile eco-responsibility and aesthetics, the pretty and eco friendly swimwear!

Made in 🇮🇹 con amore

We take pride in producing locally, in our Italian ateliers specialized in swimwear and shirts. The goal? Reduce to the maximum our carbon footprint 🌍 and highligh european savoir-faire !

📸 Stuart Cantor

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